Founded in 1971 in a flat in Stockbridge Village, the Liverpool Wargames Association (LWA) is Liverpool’s longest standing gaming club and one of the few in the country to have its own premises (comprising 2500 square foot and twelve gaming tables). The LWA engages in all variety of wargaming, board-gaming, and role-playing. Onsite at the premises are a wide variety of gaming resources including a large stock of terrain (for all periods and scales), figures, a comprehensive boardgame collection, role-playing books, and more! Numerous systems are played at the club by its 40+ strong membership: from historical wargaming to Warhammer; from European boardgames to games of ‘Empire in Arms’ that run for six months; from Dungeons and Dragons to classic four colour Marvel (and lots, lots more!).

The club welcomes visitors and new members. If you wish to come along, whether you’ve played a game before or not, we’ll happily accommodate! You can watch games, talk to members, and – of course – play! There is no charge for your first four visits and you don’t need to bring any thing – the LWA can provide it all.

The club is open to members 24/7, but normal gaming days are Thursday evening (7-11pm), Saturday afternoon (1pm onwards), and Sunday afternoon (1pm onwards). The LWA premises are located on Davies Street. If you want to visit then contact us.